Our Mission:

To assist all of our Service members serving honorably,

and Veterans who have served honorably in their time of need.

Our Vision:

To connect our community with our Heroes in need.


We Aim to Serve

Operation Phantom Support is an Active Duty, Honorable Veteran and First Responders and their families based 501 {C} {3} non-profit. We provide soldiers,  honorably discharged veterans and first responders assistance with day to day support in their time of need.

OPS is the vision of its founder SFC {Ret} John Valentine. Having spent his first 18 years as a dependent, and his adulthood in the Army he has a unique perspective of the challenges faced by those who dedicate their lives to serving our country. Once retired, and given the opportunity to create a non-profit that could help those serving and those who served honorably, he has developed and continues to grow OPS with a variety programs to serve those in need.

One of the first hurdles he knew the nonprofit would face is the pride of our active and veteran communities. With that in mind he developed a way every soldier or veteran can be involved with helping each other. OPS asks soldiers and veterans along with civilians who support them to donate $20 a month.  The donations are then used to maintain the programs, so in effect we are all helping each other. The creation of new programs is vital in addressing the needs of soldiers whether they are young and still serving or veterans who are aging.


The future of OPS is exciting!

We have 3 new programs to add in the next 3 to 5 years:

  • Operation Green OPS-  an aquaponic garden that produces year- round, and solar energy program
  • Operation Giving Care-  a care giving program which will ease the burden placed on caregivers.
  • Operation Phantom Tranquility-  a living and job training for veterans.


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